2011 Pre-Season Elite 8 : #MOCOFB
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2011 Pre-Season Elite 8

by MoCoFootball Staff on 08/30/11

#1 QUINCE ORCHARD (0-0)79 points. 9 first place votes.
DIVISION: 4WLW: N/AHIGH: #1, preseason
--> Defense is loaded with fast, athletic, hard hitting players like Darnell Leslie and Marcus Newby. The Cougars may have the best running back in the County, Mark Green. The QB position will determine a lot on this team's state championship hopes. -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> Think coach Dave Mencarini is shy about expectations this year?  A recent tweet says it all. Hope the Red Army is getting ready to bring the house down. I'm talking about 48 mins on insanity. #beatsherwood -Sebastian Salazar
--> The Cougars are the most loaded team and probably the most talented. Its hard for them not to kick off the season at the top spot. -Matt Dewhust (Dewey)
--> Mencarini has what he calls the best RB in the county in Mark Green, who will once again be the team's workhorse. But how will the move back to 4A impact the Cougars? We'll know on week 1. -Matt Papuchis
--> They'll be playing with this being the 20th Anniversary of the first title team. -BigFred
--> Been very quiet in the Cougar Dome. Mencarini will have these guys out of the gate fast but Sherwood is a good early season test. -Cover2
#2 DAMASCUS (0-0)60 points. 1 first place vote.
DIVISION: 3ALW: N/AHIGH: #2, preseason
--> The Swarmin' Hornets expect state titles. This year is a rebuilding year. New defensive coordinator Al Thomas will help the defense. But, besides Zach Bradshaw, where will the offense come from? -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> Al Thomas returns as consigliere. -BigFred
--> Tough opener will determine if they remain near the top. -Cover2
--> When you graduate as many guys as they did last year, it's easy to understand why this team would go down in rankings (I ranked them at #5). They will still be one of the best teams in MoCo however. -Matt Dewhurst (Dewey)
--> A lot of offensive playmakers are gone, but Damascus breeds football excellence and their coaching staff is as good as it gets. -Sebastian Salazar
#3 SENECA VALLEY (0-0)58 points.
DIVISION: 3ALW: N/AHIGH: #3, preseason
--> Seneca Valley will be interesting to watch this season. New starting QB (now playing its full time rather than spot duty) Vallely has the talent to lead this team back to the playoffs. -Matt Dewhurst (Dewey)
--> Fred Kim will be looking at James Jones Williams to fill the void left by Eddie Cunningham. Another huge loss is All-Met standout Bernard Wolley. We'll know pretty quickly how much he is missed. -Matt Papuchis (mpooch)
--> The Screamin' Eagles look to be the class of the MoCo's 3A this season with Tanner VallelyTre Cunningham andAdam Quigley leading the way. -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> Fred Kim's teams are always a tough out, but there are big holes to fill on defensive side of ball. -Sebastian Salazar
--> Flash mob at Outback after the game! -BigFred
--> They have the goods now can they get them to the checkout counter? -Cover2
#4 PAINT BRANCH (0-0)42 points.
DIVISION: 4ELW: N/AHIGH: #4, preseason
--> I like teams with experience at quarterback and if David Smith returns as the starter, the Panthers will certainly have that. -Sebastian Salazar
--> Coach Nesmith's Panthers have State championship aspirations this season. They're talented at every position but can they finally get over the hump? -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> 10 away games will be tough. -BigFred
--> Lots of hype. I'll believe after a solid three or four game start. If Rockville is competitive this week the rats will be jumping ship. -Cover2
--> I Like the Panthers in 2011 and really think Coach Nesmith may be leading a sleeping this season. Big, fast and smart will win these kid a lot of games. -Matt Dewhurst (Dewey)
#5 GAITHERSBURG (0-0)34 points.
DIVISION: 4WLW: N/AHIGH: #5, preseason
--> QB question mark keeps them from the pole position Week 1.  RM game is like an extra scrimmage. -Cover2
--> Though Zack Fetters is gone to William & Mary, that loaded WR corps should still create nightmares for secondaries countywide. -Sebastian Salazar
--> They lose a lot, but retain some goods. The Trojans WR corps remain strong so they just have to figure out how to get the ball there without Zach Fetters leading the charge. -Matt Dewhurst (Dewey)
--> 2010's surprise team lost its QB but with a seasoned coach like Kephart, we can't count them out. -Matt Papuchis
#6 WALT WHITMAN (0-0)29 points.
DIVISION: 4SLW: N/AHIGH: #6, preseason
--> Loaded offensively with QB Michael Flack and RB Val Djidotor. The Vikes may also have the largest O-line in the County. Their defense is the question mark. -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> Henry Kuhn's departure leaves a void, but Michael Flack is a bigtime playmaker and, with plenty of returning beef up front, the Vikings should continue to dominate the line of scrimmage. -Sebastian Salazar
--> Big line, well disciplined team.  Wootton will be a nice way to ease into the season. -Cover2
--> The Vikings rounded out my 8 but who knows what the season will hold for Whitman. -Matt Dewhurst (Dewey)
#7 SHERWOOD (0-0)27 points.
DIVISION: 4ELW: #1HIGH: #7, preseason
--> Always a contender with a strong pedigree. Will get a shot at QO right out of the gates on the road. -Matt Papuchis
--> Despite all the departures, it would be foolish to write the Warriors off.  Very interested to see what Mike Bonaviacan do at a football powerhouse. -Sebastian Salazar
--> The Stormin' Warriors return very little from last year. There is still talent walking the halls, but can new head coachMike Bonavia quiet his doubters? -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> Four coaches in four years for one of the best programs in the state. -BigFred
--> Too bad QO is the opener. Will give Bonavia detractors plenty of new ammunition but Sherwood will still keep close touch with the Elite. -Cover2
#8 CLARKSBURG (0-0)12 points.
DIVISION: 4WLW: N/AHIGH: #8, preseason
--> Hard to believe this school was in the 2A just 5 years ago. -BigFred
--> The Coyotes may have the best RB tandem in the County. Stefan Houston might be the best overall player in all of Montgomery County. -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)
--> Without seeing anyone play yet this year Clarksburg earns this spot on a hunch and reputation. -Matt Dewhurst
--> Played well in 2010 and with a little luck could move up this ranking. Lets hold off just yet though. -Matt Dewhurst
--> Always seems to have plenty of team speed. I expect them to remain competitive this fall. -Sebastian Salazar
--> If MocoMan is right and coaching doesn't matter the Bulldogs talent will have them climbing the rankings.  Will light it up against Kennedy. -Cover2
--> The Bulldogs are primed for a quality season with a very good defense led by Karou Diatkite and Bret Sickels with running back Curtis Kamara looking for a great senior season. -Matt Miller (millerlite8389)

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