2018 Elite Six Rankings, Week 10 : #MOCOFB
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2018 Elite Six Rankings, Week 10

by MoCoFootball Staff on 10/29/18




DAMASCUS (10 1st place votes)

9-0. LW: #1, (with 10 1st place votes)


Matt Miller: The Swarmin Hornets did it! They set the MD state record with their 51st consecutive win. What a great accomplishment! The Hornets did this all while resting some of their best players Due to injuries. The Hornets will likely continue to rest some guys over the next two weeks because they will need all of their horses when they face likely opponent, Oakdale, in the 2A West region final.

Jason H-B: Just completed the all time consecutive wins in the state of Maryland over the overall state championship record holding program and did it without many of their starters. They look to complete their 5 straight undefeated season this week and then the road to their 4 straight state title begins.

Coach Owens: I'm sticking with the Hornets! (at #1) A lot of talk how they aren't as good. Ok, I'll take 51 wins in a row any day.

Lee Oliver: HISTORY made with a win over a terrible SV team.

Matt Cohen: They did it. Damascus has set the Maryland record for consecutive wins with 51 in a row. Basically playing only its backups, Damascus beat Seneca Valley 21-6, a game filled with penalties. This game isn't a good representation of Damascus, and they are still the clear number one in my eyes.


LW: 95


LW: 17/17


QUINCE ORCHARD (7 1st place vote)

8-1. LW: #2, (with 7 1st place vote)


Matt Miller: In my opinion, the Cougars are the best team in MoCo & I'm not sure that it's all that close right now. Their running clock performance against Northwest proves they're amongst the best in the entire state. The Cougars shouldn't have much trouble in the first two rounds of the playoffs.

Jason H-B: Wow. Simply decimated my Northwest Jaguars. These Cougars are making a claim for best public team in the state. With this team's talents and capabilities, anything less than a State Championship berth would be a loss of a year.

Coach Owens: Cougars are going to roll through the playoffs until they see Wise again. I believe this is their year!

Lee Oliver: Put up a running clock on previously #3 NW. They dominated this game and showed they are once again a force in the 4A.

Matt Cohen: QO dominated a strong Northwest team on the road this week, winning 41-6. It was a blowout right from the start as QO claimed the top seed in the region. QO will be the clear favorite to win the 4A West region again. Marquez Cooper continued to build is stardom.


LW: 92


LW: 17/17



8-1. LW: #4


Matt Miller: The Panthers proved that they still own the NEC after they handled rival Blake with relative ease.

Jason H-B: The Panthers have obliterated every team they have played except for Quince Orchard. Blake did get some points this week and kept them under 40 pts, but it doesn't change the fact that the Panthers are itching for a rematch for the Cougars come Playoff Time.

Coach Owens: Panthers will enter as the #1 seed in 4A North, can they get out of the region? YES!! This is the most well rounded, balanced and well coached PB team in years.

Lee Oliver: Beat up on their rival and previously #6 Blake. They have proved to be one of the best in the 4A as well.

Matt Cohen: Paint Branch finally got a signature win. The Panthers were great against a talented Blake team, winning 28-6. Paint Branch also clinched the top seed in the 4A North with the win.


LW: 55


LW: 17/17



7-2. LW: #3


Matt Miller: The Jags have been outscored 97-13 against their two best opponents this year, GC and QO. The good news is they won't see the Falcons again. The bad news is they may have to see the Cougars again in 3 weeks. NW better tighten things up quickly or they'll be thinking about hoops season come mid-November.

Jason H-B: This was the true test game to see if Northwest was a contender or a pretender and clearly they don't have what it takes to hang with the big dogs. They should bounce back this week to prepare for the playoffs and Neubeiser might have to take a trip to Hogwarts to whip up some magic if they face the Cougars again in the 3 weeks.

Coach Owens: The Jags are better than they showed against QO. They will enter the playoffs with a chip on their shoulder and a great coaching staff....scary combination.

Lee Oliver: Embarrassed by QO at home.

Matt Cohen: Well that was ugly. Northwest laid an egg against QO in the biggest game of their season. Northwest lost its chance at getting home field in the 4A West region yet again, and it will now have to go to QO should they meet in the playoffs. I can't drop them lower than fourth, but the Jags certainly looked bad this week.


LW: 64


LW: 17/17



8-1. LW: #5


Matt Miller: The Bulldogs should be sending QO a lot of love this week as Churchill can now lock up a home playoff game with a week 10 victory.

Jason H-B: Asserted their dominance over Frederick last week. This week, they prepare for the playoffs hosting Walter Johnson. It shouldn't be a barn burner, but they should still keep things tight as it looks like they'll be playing the Jaguars again in a rematch Week 11.

Coach Owens: I pushed them ahead of NW because I feel like they are playing better ball right now. I'm hoping to see a rematch between the Dogs and the Jags come playoff time.

Lee Oliver: Dismantled out of county opponent Frederick and are 8-1 and continue to prove people wrong.

Matt Cohen: Another 50 point game for the Churchill offense, as it won 50-6 over Frederick on the road. Churchill now has the second ranked offense in Montgomery County and the seventh ranked defense. A playoff rematch with Northwest is looking all the more likely.


LW: 34


LW: 17/17



7-2. LW: NR


Matt Miller: How can you deny a 7-win team a place in the Elite 6? They may not finish the season here but right now there are a handful of similar teams ranked between 6-10 and WM deserves their time to shine. The Wolverines can finally put a hush to all of the doubters with a win over Blake in week 10.

Jason H-B: Completely outclassed Gaithersburg last week. This is a week for them to really make their claim for Elite 6 status by defeating Elite 6 regular Blake. Might be Week 10's Game of the Week.

Coach Owens: Coach Brown is the coach of the year, without a doubt. They start the playoffs this week against Blake. Can their run continue? This is my game of the week!

Lee Oliver: Sneaky 7-2, beat a bad Gaithersburg team and should be in the 3A playoff.

Matt Cohen: Welcome to the Elite Six Watkins Mill. Watkins Mill has been my seventh team for a few weeks now, but the Wolverines work into my six this week. Watkins Mill has one of the best group of skill position players in the county. It played Damascus tough, and sits at 7-2 overall. Watkins Mill did lose to Blair in Week 1, but this has been a totally different team since.

Matt Dewhurst: We are simply forced to stop over looking the Wolverines. I can't ignore what Watkins Mill has done going 7-2 and seeing that program have such a resurgence. Honorable Mention is Blake.


LW: 3


LW: 3/17

Received Votes: Richard Montgomery (5 votes, 5 pts), James H. Blake (2 votes, 2 pts), Sherwood (1 vote, 1 pt).

Panel: M. Cornejo, D. Anderson, M. Miller, K. Grant, T. Changuris, J. Hamilton-Brown, K. Bratt-Pfotenhauer, K. McFadden, T. Peters, C. Grier, M. Cohen, M. Ellis, B. Palmer, M. Marty, M. Dewhurst, L. Oliver, N. Owens.

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