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Damascus 33 Quince Orchard 14

by MoCoFootball Staff on 11/20/10

Mike Cornejo & Matthew Miller for MoCoFootball.com

DAMASCUS MD. - Play a game in a stadium with the most faithful of fans in all of Montgomery County then add on the Red Army of Quince Orchard and you get one of the loudest and most packed stadiums in all of Maryland.

The game was a chance for Quince Orchard to avenge an early season defeat to the Hornets that gave the Cougars their first regular season loss since week 8 of the 2008 season. But a turnover after a Mark O'Hara's touchdown late in the third was converted to points made it all too difficult for the visiting Cougars to catch up.

The game was deadlock at 0-0 after the 1st quarter until Damascus QB Connor Frazier got loose and found himself some running room four minutes into the 2nd quarter. Damascus kept the Quince Orchard defense guessing with Frazier handing off the ball on shotgun and running off playaction. Damascus scored the first points of the night with Mark O'Hara running in for six from 19 yards out. 

Quince Orchard tried to spread out the Damascus defense, even going three wide but the Hornets were keen on stopping the strength of the Cougars' offense; their running game. Instead junior Malcolm Pugh made a constant appearance in the QO backfield, colliding with Mark Green or catching Drew Murphy for a sack.

The Hornets got the ball back with under 6 minutes left in the first half lined up looking like they were going to run the ball with a 7-man front. Frazier pulled back on the playaction and fired a 45-yard bomb to Brandon Phelps to make it 13-0 Damascus with 5:32 left in the first half.

Quince Orchard looked to score before the half and started their drive from their own 30-yard line. They went with Mark Green who mixed it up with a couple of nice runs that chewed up three and a half minutes of the clock. By the time James McCallister went in to replace him, the Cougars are now just 30 yards away from scoring. Murphy, McCallister and company will get the Cougs inside the 15 and as close as the Damascus 3-yard line with Green. But penalties, and key stops by Nick and Malcolm Pugh, and Drew Murphy's struggle to connect with Harry Long had them settling for a 25-yard field goal that would go wide right.

Down 13-0 in the start of the third, the Cougars gave the Hornets a reason to respect their own passing game when Murphy connected with Harry Long for a 43-yard score.

Not to be out done, The Hornets went with runs by O'Hara and John Hanley, passes to Joel Ross and Tyler Patton. Frazier picked up chunks of yards on the ground before reaching paydirt with O'Hara's 2nd score of the night to making it 19-7 in favor of the home team.

Things got sour for the Cougars when they turned the ball over deep inside their own redzone. Damascus took advantage of the short field with Frazier connecting with Brandon Phelps on an athletic grab from 15-yards out. And just like that, it was Damascus 26-7 with under four minutes left in the third.

The Cougars got the ball with the urgency of needing to score soon obvious with the number of passes Murphy threw to Corday Thomas. Mark Green eventually got in for the score behind some nice blocks from fullback Tyrell Williams to cut the Hornets lead 26-14 with 9:24 left in the game.

After three-and-outs from both teams and Damascus' Frazier orchestrates a drive that would get the ball all the way to the Cougars' 1-yard line. Mark O'Hara plunge his way in for this third touchdown of the evening.

The Cougars would receive the ball for the first non-squib kick in the game but Murphy's passes to Kenny Lang and Eric Bishop were futile with Pugh and the Damascus front continuing their harassment of the Q.O. backfield.

The 33-14 Hornets victory makes them the 3A West Region champions and secures the #1 seed in the 3A. They will host the Wilde Lake Wildecats (9-3) who are coming off a thrilling 13-7 overtime upset victory over the River Hill Hawks.

Quince Orchard finish the season 9-3. The last time the Cougars did not win ten or more games was in Dave Mencarini's first season as QO's head coach in 2004 when they finished 8-3.


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Week 12 Highlights in MoCo courtesy of CSNWashington

-- photo by Preston Keres

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