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by MoCoFootball Staff on 02/26/14

1 QUINCE ORCHARD (9-1), 4A West

79 points | 14/14 votes | 11 first place votes

The Cougars responded to their first home loss in three years with a 40-0 thumping of Wootton to post their fifth shutout of the season. Despite a late-season hiccup last week against NW, Mencarini and company are still MoCo's clear favorite to get back to Baltimore (for the third straight season). Clarksburg is no gimme but QO is once again primed for a deep playoff run. -M. Papuchis, mpooch

Definitely the favorite going into the playoffs for Moco, and overall for 4A, another great season for the Cougars. -J. Hamilton-Brown, chb103

The Cougars and Red army start the march to M & T. Clarksburg will be a speed bump at best. -E. Heckman, Cover2

2 DAMASCUS (9-1), 3A

61 points | 14/14 votes | 2 first place votes

Tough road for this overachieving Hornets team.  Their outstanding coaching, team effort and defense gives them the edge over Urbana. -E. Heckman, Cover2

One field goal away from going undefeated in what was considered a down year. Possibly the strongest Defense in the county. -J. Hamilton-Brown, chb103

The Hornets quietly put together one of their best seasons in the last five years. Quietly because the 4A teams this year really stole the spotlight for much of the season. But Damascus will get tested right out of the gates this weekend against Urbana. Urbana-Damascus is always a battle. -M. Papuchis, mpooch

3 PAINT BRANCH (9-1), 4A East

60 points | 14/14 votes | 1 first place votes

Cooper, Curry and the hardest working coaching staff in MOCO earned huge win over Gaithersburg and put the under the radar Panthers on the scope.  Sherwood rematch will be similar to 55-21 mauling, only doubtful Warriors will return two kicks for TDs. -E. Heckman, Cover2

The Panthers closed out the season with a nail-biting win over Gaithersburg. An OT loss to NW earlier this season remains the only blemish on Paint Branch's record so far in 2013. I like them this week over Sherwood and I think we'll see Nesmith and company emerge from the 4A North. -M. Papuchis, mpooch

Can Nesmith finally have major post season success? Stellar season for the Panthers, possess the most dangerous QB/WR combo in the playoffs. -J. Hamilton-Brown, chb103

4 NORTHWEST (8-2), 4A West

52 points | 14/14 votes

2 losses hurt them, but they won against the 2 best teams in the 4A in PB and QO. The Jags have M&T Bank in their sights, BEWARE! -J. Hamilton-Brown, chb103

The Jaguars closed out the season with two solid wins - including a 35-21 win over previously unbeaten QO - after falling to Clarksburg three weeks ago. The Coyotes are just one of two teams to defeat NW in 2013. The Jags will get their second crack at taking down the other when they take on Gaithersburg this weekend in round 1. -M. Papuchis, mpooch

Return bout with Gaithersburg is feature game of the week. Both teams are better than they were in first game. This is a toss up. -E. Heckman, Cover2

5 GAITHERSBURG (8-2), 4A West

25 points | 14/14 votes

The Trojans may have lost two of their final three games but Kephart deserves a lot of credit for guiding Gaithersburg to its first 8-win season since 2011 and just its second since 2002 - and he did it without the county's most prolific back for the majority of it. A rematch this week against NW highlights a great round 1 of the 2013 playoffs. -M. Papuchis, mpooch

Played one of the best seasons in recent memory and won without their stallion. Team faces some tough challenges ahead. -J. Hamilton-Brown, chb103

Trojans need more discipline if they are to beat Jags. Too many dumb unsportsmanlike calls and surprising number of drive stopping holding calls from a Kephart line.  DeCarlo and Tearney show only second to Cooper and Curry and could be difference against NW. -E. Heckman, Cover2

6 CLARKSBURG (7-3), 4A West

16 points | 13/14 votes

What a turnaround for Larry Hurd and company. The Coyotes started out the season 1-3, but even during those three losses, we saw glimmers of greatness from Clarksburg. And since a 1-point loss to Damascus in early October, the Coyotes have rattled off 6 straight wins. Their prize? A round 1 rematch against Hurd's alma mater when Clarksburg travels to QO, a team they lost to in Week 1 back in September but battled hard before losing 35-7. -M. Papuchis, mpooch

After a rough and bumpy start, the Coyotes pulled it together in the 2nd half of the season. They have momentum going for them. -J. Hamilton-Brown, chb103

Congratulations on hanging tough and making the show. Nice job by Hurd with limited talent and experience but the road stops here although the Coyotes will not just roll over and bark at the moon. -E. Heckman, Cover2


received votes: SHERWOOD (7-3) 4A East // 1 point | 1/14 votes


The MOCOFOOTBALL.COM ranking team consists of fifteen individuals that include a former Washington Post All-Met, MoCoFB alum who is a college football coach, a Maryland Hall of Fame coach, a former athletic director, a former booster club president, a Sentinel sports editor, and a county youth league commissioner. All members are approved in voting fashion by credibility and honesty. Most are active members of our message board.



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