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Playoffs 2010

by MoCoFootball Staff on 11/08/10


Damascus and Springbrook combine for 13 State titles. Both are looking to win one in 2010.

I think I'm getting soft. The Cowboys are 1-7 and I actually feel bad. Maybe it's because I've gotten used to seeing random people clad in Dallas blue and silver. Now they're nowhere to be seen. There's no one to taunt and annoy me with emails, phone calls, text messages, tweets and status updates. Their silence and extinction is eerily disturbing. So I take my hat off in respect and pity to the Dallas Cowboys fans of the area: Coach Mike Nesmith (Paint Branch), Josh Volpe (Frostburg/Northwest), Chuck Harmon (Crab Bowl), Deontay Twyman (Quinnipiac/Sherwood), The Trivers family, and many others who've made it difficult for me to find them because they've "unliked" the Dallas Cowboys from their facebook page.

MoCoFootball Alumni Birthdays this week: Nov 8: John Forbrich. Nov 9: Pat Lazear, Kevin Tehaan, Tim Lefeged. Nov 11: Paolo Penala, Gus Bobadilla, Walter Hood.

The 2010 Playoffs are here. Montgomery County are 8 representatives strong with hopes that three of them bring home the prize that has eluded the county last year.
In the 4A we have Sherwood, Gaithersburg, Whitman, and Springbrook. They will go through the gauntlet of the All-MoCo 4A West Region.
The 3A West has three of Montgomery County's heavyweights in undefeated Damascus, Quince Orchard, and Seneca Valley joined by prominent Frederick power Linganore Lancers (7-2).
In the 2A, Rockville will be representing Montgomery County and will play at undefeated South Carroll (10-0) in round one. The Middleton Knights (9-1) and Walkersville Lions (6-4) of Frederick County make up the rest of the 2A West.

This is a new decade for Montgomery County. MoCo took a step back in the last decade winning just eight. The changes to the state playoff format in 2003 basically extinguishing the possibilities of a MoCo vs MoCo final that hurt the county's chances of winning even more state titles. In the 1990's Montgomery County won 15 state titles and 13 in the 1980's. The Maryland State Championships began in 1974. From 1975-1979, MoCo won eight state titles.

MoCo in the 2010 State Playoffs CLASS Title Game Appearances State Titles
Damascus (10-0) 3A 10 7
Gaithersburg (9-1) 4A 6 3
Quince Orchard (8-2) 3A 2 2
Rockville (8-2) 2A 0 0
Seneca Valley (8-2) 3A 12 12
Sherwood (9-1) 4A 8 3
Springbrook (7-3) 4A 8 6
Walt Whitman (7-3) 4A 1 0
  TOTAL 47 33

Class 4A
4A West
No. 4 Springbrook Blue Devils at No. 1 Sherwood Warriors
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 Walt Whitman Vikings at No. 2 Gaithersburg Trojans
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
4A North
No. 4 Perry Hall Gators at No. 1 Urbana Hawks
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 2 Patterson Clippers v No. 3 Thomas Johnson Patriots (at Poly HS)
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
4A South
No. 4 C.H. Flowers Jaguars at No. 1 Henry A. Wise Pumas
Saturday, Nov 13, 1:00p 
No. 3 Eleanor Roosevelt Raiders at No. 2 Suitland Rams
Saturday, Nov 13, 1:00p
4A East
No. 4 Broadneck Bruins at No. 1 Old Mill Patriots
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 North Point Eagles at No. 2 Arundel Wildcats
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
Class 3A
3A West
No. 4 Linganore Lancers at No. 1 Damascus Swarmin Hornets
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 Seneca Valley Screamin Eagles at No. 2 Quince Orchard Cougars
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
3A North
No. 4 Catonsville Comets at No. 1 North Harford Hawks
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 Franklin Indians at No. 2 Hereford Bulls
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
3A South
No. 4 Huntingtown Hurricanes at No. 1 Westlake Wolverines
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 Friendly Patriots at No. 2 Chopticon Braves
Friday, November 12, 7:00p
3A East
No. 4 Stephen Decatur Seahawks at No. 1 River Hill Hawks
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p 
No. 3 Wilde Lake Wildecats at No. 2 Atholton Raiders
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
Class 2A
2A West
No. 4 Walkersville Lions at No. 1 Middletown Knights
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p 
No. 3 Rockville Rams at No. 2 South Carroll Cavaliers
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p

2A North
No. 1 Eastern Tech Mavericks vs. No. 4 Dundalk Owls at CCBC Essex
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 2 Frederick Douglass (Balt) Mighty Ducks vs. No. 3 City College Black Knights at Poly HS
Saturday, Nov 13, 1:00p

2A South
No. 4 Frederick Douglass Eagles (PG) at No. 1 McDonough Rams
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 Southern-AA Bulldogs at No. 2 Hammond Golden Bears
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
2A East
No. 4 Wicomico Indians at No. 1 Queen Anne's Lions
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p 
No. 3 Fallston Cougars at No. 2 Kent Island Buccaneers
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
Class 1A
1A West
No. 4 Northern-G Huskies at No. 1 Mountain Ridge Miners
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p 
No. 2 Fort Hill Sentinels vs. No. 3 Smithsburg Leopards at Greenway Avenue Stadium
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p

1A North
No. 1 Western Tech Wolverines vs. No. 4 Sparrows Point Pointers at CCBC Catonsville
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p 
No. 3 New Town Knights at No. 2 Brunswick Railroaders
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
1A South
No. 1 Forest Park Foresters vs. No. 4 Forestville Knights at Poly HS
Saturday, Nov 13, 6:00p 
No. 2 Dunbar Poets vs. No. 3 Southside Jaguars at Mervo HS
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
1A East
No. 4 Cambridge-SD Vikings at No. 1 Havre de Grace Warriors
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p
No. 3 Patterson Mill Huskies at No. 2 Bohemia Manor Eagles
Friday, Nov 12, 7:00p

photo by The Washington Post

Paint Branch
Seneca Valley
Watkins Mill
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