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MoCo's Awesome 8

by MoCoFootball Staff on 09/24/10

by Michael Cornejo

There's a young boxing prospect right now by the name of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He is the son of one of the most recognized names in pugilism, his father whom he is named after. Junior is undefeated in 43 fights; 30 by knockout and one draw. There's no doubt he's a good boxer, but why hasn't there been much talk of him as one of today's best?

We've debated for the past couple weeks, weighed the pros and cons of reducing our rankings from ten teams to eight on the forum. After a month of football, I've decided to reduce our rankings to eight teams effective starting on week five.

Besides making it easy for me to retrieve the information with the countless copying and pasting; it was only right to do so.

With 25 teams in Montgomery County, the eight teams count for basically 1/3 of the teams. Others argue that we are leaving out teams that deserve to see their school's name in the light. Maybe. Ranking 10 out of the 25 teams (40%) almost mean that a win, no matter how tough an opponent, guaranteed you a ranking. I believe it tarnishes the title of a "top" team. I certainly do not want that.

I agree that the teams that beat who they have in front of them should be recognized, but they shouldn't be crowned. It is fair and it is also not fair. This week for example, at number 10 in our rankings is 1-2 Paint Branch. They have lost two straight games. They earned a ranking this week despite not earning a mention last week from our panel of voters. At the same time there is Magruder. A team that has won their last two games and are sitting at 2-1 but they did not garner one vote from a panel of 10. So what we're saying is, Paint Branch is better than Magruder? or even 2-1 Rockville?

Ahead of Paint Branch in the rankings are, as pointed out by one of our voters, are three undefeated teams in #7 Springbrook, #8 B-CC, and #9 Watkins Mill. Their opponents are a combined 1 and 26! I don't even need a calculator to determine that they are playing some struggling teams. Trust me; I've had our rankers tell me it's a struggle to know who to put at #8, #9, #10. If a ranker can't even tell who belongs and who doesn't, then that tells you there is something wrong. It's puzzling to see Paint Branch ranked after a poor showing versus Sherwood, Montgomery County's #1 team. It's also puzzling to see teams with better records and better win streaks unranked. And teams who haven't played anybody ranked even higher.

Some may argue that it will all pan out the way it should; the best teams will rise and the pretenders will fall and the Top 10 will be legitimized by the end of the regular season. Which means, lets ranked pretenders now, watch them get blown by a non-ranked team who played tougher opponents early in the season and the ranking will adjust accordingly.

Right now I am looking like the total hater because I am probably calling the Springbrook's, the B-CC's the Watkins Mill's pretenders. And I probably am. Let's face it; other than Springbrook, B-CC and Watkins Mill has been dormant for the past couple years. I think that's a fair but bitter assessment. But if they are really that good, this post wouldn't exist.

Reducing the rankings to 8 doesn't necessarily mean we're punishing teams that deserve to be ranked, but we don't want to water down the rankings either. Our slogan after all is, 'Most Competitive'. If your team really is a top team, then all you got to do is beat the best out there and leave no doubt.

We don't know, and since some of the teams won't get to see each other, will we ever know if the lower ranked (undefeated) teams are really better than teams that are unranked.

Is undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. better than 5-time defeated Muhammad Ali? Is undefeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr better than 15-defeated Sugar Ray Robinson?

Paint Branch
Seneca Valley
Watkins Mill
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