Quince Orchard Pacquiao's Seneca Valley out of the first round : #MOCOFB
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Quince Orchard Pacquiao's Seneca Valley out of the first round

by MoCoFootball Staff on 11/13/10

Mike Cornejo for MOCOFOOTBALL.com

QO's Mark Green is a freakin' Animal.Do you remember being called a sore loser as a kid and get bothered by it? (...cricket noises...) I still remember early in the season, QO's Head Coach Dave Mencarini referred to himself a sore loser at a post game interview and actually made it look cool. He is a winner. And tonight that, I-won't-take-an-L attitude propelled the Cougars to advance to the 3A West regional finals.

Early on, the Cougars were playing like a well designed vacuum (no, that's not a good thing). Cougars QB Drew Murphy might as well had his receivers wear green & gold because his crowd-cheering completions were ending up in the wrong hands. Seneca Valley looked strong, poised, and in control. The Cougar Dome on the other hand looked to lose the echo of enthusiasm when Seneca Valley continued to pile up the points and the clock continued to tick. That did not last and before us was one of the greatest comebacks in MoCo Football history. It wasn't your typical Cougar victory; it took a doggone display of persistence in Quince Orchard to defeat Seneca Valley Friday night.

After a 0-0 stalemate, the scoreboard finally lit up in favor of the visiting Eagles when Bernard Wolley rumbled for 98 yards to put Seneca Valley up 6-0, with 5:33 left in the first half.

The Cougars looked to put up points before the first half but Drew Murphy's pass ended up in the hands of Seneca Valley safety Tre Cunningham for the second time. That was Murphy's third interception of the night. At the half it was Eagles, 6-0.

 If Eddie Cunningham wasn't starring offensively, Bernard Wolley certainly didn't disappoint. With 7:03 left on the 3rd quarter, the Wolley mammoth reaches paydirt once again, this time from 18-yards out to put the Screamin' Eagles up 12-0. All of a sudden, the Cougars are in an unfamiliar territory; down by two scores. If the Red Army thought this was the worst looking thing it had ever seen in recent years, they were wrong. Tack in Seneca Valley kicker Junior Arcaro's 37-yard field goal four minutes later to give the Eagles a comfortable 15-0 lead with 3:08 to spare in the third and we're looking at an upset in the making.

The story of the night is about turnovers. Quince Orchard knew all about that; they gave up five. Teams are not supposed to win with that many turnovers especially against a formidable playoff opponent like Seneca Valley. But this Q.O. team isn't like most teams and a display of greatness ensued.

The Cougars rode on the back of Mark Green who dashed his way with the time remaining, eventually getting to the 1-yard line before time expired on the 3rd. The 4th quarter began with Drew Murphy crossing the goal line for the first time of the night, four seconds into the final quarter to cut the Eagles lead 15-7.

If a team isn't suppose to win with turnovers against the likes of Seneca Valley; that definitely cannot work for a team against the likes of Q.O. The Eagles turned over the ball at the worst time and the worst place. QO's Alex Twine forces the turnover off SV running back Eddie Cunningham that the Cougars' Kieran Gregory recovered inside the Seneca Valley 12-yard line. After a couple of Mark Green runs, Murphy regained positive fantasy points after getting in from the 1 to further cut the Eagles lead 15-13 with 10:08 left in the game. The momentum has shifted.

Quince Orchard would hold Seneca Valley on its next possession before getting the ball back on offense. Mark Green was able to convert on 4th down and eventually punches one in to give the Cougars the lead for the first time in the game with just 3:41 left. Seneca Valley would end the game with the turnover of the night when Tanner Vallely throws an interception to linebacker Alex Twine.

What looked like a thorough beat down and an upset turned out to be the greatest comeback in a big game in a long time. This is the stuff of movies. Like Boise State over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Like George Foreman knocking out Michael Moorer. The finish was vintage ESPN Classic-esque. I congratulated Coach Mencarini and told him- I don't know how in the bleepin' devil's home they pulled off such a superb late-game performance.

"Thank you..." he says, "I don't know either."

QO grads like Zack Kerr and even rapper Wale indeed were loving it as displayed on tweets and facebook statuses.

Quince Orchard (9-2) moves on to the 3A West Regional finals and will face undefeated Damascus. The Hornets are coming off a 21-7 win over Frederick County's Linganore Lancers. The game will be at Damascus.

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