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State of Montgomery

by MoCoFootball Staff on 11/04/10

 Mike Cornejo for MOCOFOOTBALL

Before I start, I want to say a big congratulations to those who did their part in October's Breast Cancer Month. I myself got involved with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in support of my friend Michelle Vehemente; whose mother passed away to breast cancer three year ago. I have relatives and many of my friends' mothers who fought with the deadly disease. Our prayers are with you and your family. Keep fighting!

As we head into the first week of November (aka Prostate Awareness Month- bet you didn't know that), we remember the month of Pink.. which was also Filipino American Month (no, we didn't change the language around the way the NFL did), Squirrel Awareness Month, Self-Promotion Month (I surprise myself everyday), and National Sarcastic Awareness Month (yea like that actually matters). For the list of bizarre, crazy, and silly holiday and observances check this out.

Eight Montgomery County teams will be competing for the State Championship crown that evaded Montgomery County last year. Two spots in the 4A West are still open and Week 10 will serve the final chance for fans to see who will occupy those two.

Forum member, 'Neutral Observer' says that Whitman and B-CC are, "in with a win." Whitman hosts 5-4 Churchill to end the season, while B-CC has playoff bound Gaithersburg at Guckeyson Memorial. A Churchill Bulldogs win plus some bonus points help can get them in too. Alive also are Springbrook and Paint Branch. Both teams are 6-3 and the winner between the two is likely to win a playoff berth.

Games of the Week:

#2 Quince Orchard (8-1) at #3 Sherwood (8-1)

  #2 QO #3 Sherwood
Points Scored 33.2 ppg, 2nd* 31.3 ppg, 5th*
Most Points Score, Game 48 v KEN 41 v BLR, CHR
Least Points Score, Game 12 v WHT 14 v SPR
Points Allowed 12.3 papg, 4th* 10.6 papg, 2nd*
Most Points Allowed, Game 27 v DAM 27 v DAM
Least Points Allowed, Game 6 v KEN + NWD 0 v RM + SPR
Net Points 188 Net Pts, 2nd* 186 Net Pts, 4th*
*MoCoFootball Rank  

This game can come down as one of the best as it pits two of the best teams in all of MoCo. Both of them were only points away from an undefeated record coming into this game losing to MoCo's top team, Damascus. Quince Orchard is young but loaded. Spearheaded by a pair of monsters in the offensive backfield with Mark Green and James McCallister. Drew Murphy is a formidable quarterback who is about 150 yards short of a thousand yards passing for the season. Defensively Alex TwineMarcus Newby and company are a force to reckon with being MoCo's 4th most stingiest defense.

The Warriors on the other hand showed no sign of slowing down having lost their head coach a few weeks before the start of training camp. The transition to Coach Mark Thomas has been smooth with the only blemish on their record coming against one of the DC Metropolitan Area's best teams all season. AJ Pignone is one of the four best dual-threat quarterbacks in all of MoCo which includes Connor Frazier (Dmas), Zack Fetters (GBurg), and Kasey Cotting (B-CC). Pignone has over 1300 yards through the air including 11 touchdowns. On the ground, Dylan Hubbard and Jamal Meritt do a great job keeping defenses honest. Alex Cole, Danny Hunt, and Mike Begley are dangerous aerial assault weapons for Pignone. The Warriors have the toughest schedule among winning teams in the county.

#8 Paint Branch (6-3) at Springbrook (6-3)

  #8 Paint Branch Springbrook
Points Scored 29.0 ppg, 6th* 20.7 ppg, 12th*
Most Points Score, Game 48 v WOO 41 v NW + RM
Least Points Score, Game 15 v GBURG 0 v SHERWOOD
Points Allowed 18.7 papg, 11th* 12.5 papg, 5th*
Most Points Allowed, Game 35 v SHERWOOD 35 v DAM
Least Points Allowed, Game 7 v BLK + RM 3 v BLAIR
Net Points 92 Net Pts, 8th* 74 Net Pts, 9th*
*MoCoFootball Rank  

The Panthers climb back to respectability and gets ranked for the first time since week 1! They face a desperate Blue Devils team that comes to week 10 unranked for the first time all season. Paint Branch had a rough first half of the season starting 1-2. They have gone 5-1 since and a win over Springbrook could mean a trip to the playoffs. On the ground they have running back Bene't Willis who is a mere 250 yards shy of a thousand yards. Panthers quarterback David Smith has over 1300 yards passing, most of them to Crab Bowl 2010 wide receiver Earvin Anumgba who has 43 catches for just under 850 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Springbrook has had it rough for the past couple games. They started the season 4-0 and had the stiffest defense in all of MoCo. 1000+ yard running back Devon Pestano hasn't been the same since getting injured and missing games. The Blue Devils have gone 2-3 including two straight defeats heading into week 10. Despite their lack of a balance offense, the Blue Devils defense is tough. They have allowed just 113 points in nine games, good for 5th in MoCo. The held five of their nine opponents to one touchdown/field goal all season. That success was aided by a weak schedule; they play the 5th least hardest schedule in all of Montgomery County.

Last season, the Blue Devils embarrassed the Panthers in PBHS's 40th anniversary of Paint Branch Athletics, blanking them at the last home game at Panther Stadium, 20-0. That would be Paint Branch's last true home game. The renovation of the school and its athletic facilities has made it difficult for all of Paint Branch- though they find themselves in the cusp of a playoff berth with a win over rival Springbrook and some help along the way. Should B-CC lose to #4 Gaithersburg and #6 Whitman loses to unranked but unpredictable Churchill, the Paint Branch Panthers- winning on Friday- may have guaranteed themselves a berth. If those things happen with the exception that Springbrook wins, you can bet Springbrook to be playing on week 11.


#1 Damascus (9-0) at Kennedy (0-9)

#2 Quince Orchard (8-1) at #3 Sherwood (8-1)

#4 Gaithersburg (8-1) at B-CC (6-3)

Watkins Mill (5-4) at #5 Seneca Valley (7-2)

Churchill (5-4) at #6 Whitman (6-3)

#7 Rockville (7-2) at Blake (1-8)

#8 Paint Branch (6-3) at Springbrook (6-3)

Damascus, 310 pts - 34.4ppg
Quince Orchard, 299 pts - 33.2ppg
Rockville, 298 pts - 33.1ppg
Seneca Valley, 291 pts - 32.3ppg
Sherwood, 282 pts - 31.3ppg

Gaithersburg, 94 pts allowed - 10.4papg
Sherwood, 96 pts allowed - 10.6papg
Seneca Valley, 102 pts allowed - 11.3papg
Quince Orchard, 111 pts allowed - 12.3papg
Springbrook, 113 pts allowed - 12.5papg
Seneca Valley, 189 Net Pts
Quince Orchard, 188 Net Pts
Damascus, 187 Net Pts
Sherwood, 186 Net Pts
Rockville, 171 Net Pts

Sherwood, opponents are 50-40 (.555%)
Whitman, opponents are 50-40 (.555%)
Damascus, opponents are 46-44 (.511%)
Churchill, opponents are 45-45 (.500%)
Gaithersburg, opponents are 45-45 (.500%)

One or No Defeat in Last Four Games (MoCo Hottest)
Damascus          W-W-W-W
Gaithersburg      W-W-W-W
Quin. Orchard     W-W-W-W
Paint Branch       L-W-W-W
Rockville            W-L-W-W
Sherwood          W-L-W-W
Walt. Johnson    W-W-L-W
Northwood         W-W-L-W
Seneca Valley     W-W-L-W

Mike Cornejo's Top 8

1- Damascus (8-1) No surprise, they are sound, they are tough. They play one of the toughest schedules in the county and came out on top. A lot of best teams in MoCo have one defeat and that one defeat is against Damascus and its arsenal of Connor Frazier, Joel Ross, Mark O'HaraBrandon Phelps.

2- Quince Orchard (8-1) They play mighty Sherwood this week which will make it their biggest since Damascus. I expect Quince Orchard to come out on top by six.

3- Gaithersburg (8-1) They had a fart performance against Magruder then turned it on against Northwest. The ranking team has Gaithersburg a solid #4, under Sherwood. I still think Gaithersburg is the better team between the two, thus the nod as my #3 team.

4- Sherwood (8-1) Got a tough contest against Quince Orchard. Slipped passed Gaithersburg then brought Springbrook back to Earth. Will the real Sherwood Warriors please step up? We'll get a glimpse of how good they really are when they face one of MoCo's finest.

5- Seneca Valley (7-2) I still wonder how high Seneca Valley would rank had they beat Damascus. Then I stopped wondering after Quince Orchard punished them. Bernard Wolley is a defensive mammoth and Eddie Cunningham is one of the DMV's best at what he does and is likely to be the October Player of the Month. A rematch with either Damascus or Quince Orchard in the second season would make a crowded game.

6- Whitman (6-3) The Vikes have slipped but are still holding on. After starting 4-1, they have been 2-2 since. Henry Kuhn, Tony Atkinson, and the Djidotor brothers must go all out Friday to secure a playoff berth.

7- Paint Branch (6-3) The Panthers rise from the ashes to prove their mettle. They started slow but have worked their way to win some key games to be back on the playoff hunt. Opposite of Whitman, they began 2-2 and have since been 4-1. i can see them beating Springbrook if they can stop the running game and pierce through that Blue Devils defense consistently.

8- Rockville (7-2) How can you not be ranked with a 7-2 record? and the DC Metro Area's best running back in Crusoe Gongbay? They win and they win big. Yes they have the easiest schedule in the entire state but it's not like they're just getting by them. 171 net points makes them the 5th most dominant team in MoCo, run Crusoe run.

Paint Branch
Seneca Valley
Watkins Mill
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