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The Winter Grind: Top 10 Quarterbacks For 2015

by MoCoFootball Staff on 01/15/15

1. Mark Pierce, 6'0" 180, Northwest



I think that a blind baby raccoon could pick this one, so I guess my money is going to be made numbers 2 through 10. Mark is known for his fire and his leadership, his accomplishments have been well noted being a 2X champion, 1st team All-Moco, honorable mention All-Met, and 2nd Team All-State Big School. I think it is safe to say that Mark will go down in history as one of the MoCo greats, but with all of his accolades, there is only one thing that he has not had: a statistical breakout season. I know it's all about winning for him and Northwest, but I think that he could solidify his place as possibly the greatest MoCo QB of all time if he can put up record-setting numbers this season. Rumor has it that the senior will have even more control of the Northwest offense in 2015. Look for Mark to put up some eye-popping numbers this year.


2015 Projections: 3,300 passing yards, 45 Total TDs


2. Desmond Colby, 5'11" 175, Blair

Highlights: (does not have his hudl set up, but this is the film of his top WR)


This is the first of the old school pro-style QB's on this list. Blair had the best season in its school's history last year and a lot of people feel like this program could be a power in the next few years. Colby was more of a game manager last season in a run-heavy, ball control offense that Blair ran. But when he had his opportunities, he really made the most of them breaking 1,000 total passing yards in 2014. Desmond looks like a polished and efficient thrower with a command of the offensive system. Very smart, he will only take what the defense gives him. He stays within himself and does not try to play, "hero ball". A kid like him will always give his team a chance to win in the 4th quarter. I think that Blair is going to stay true with their ways and still run the ball, but I think Dez is going to make the next step in 2015.


2015 Projections: 2,100 passing yards, 32 Total TDs


3. Jason Maxwell Clingman, 5'10" 155, Northwood



Northwood may have had a bad season last year, but one of the few bright spots for the Gladiators was what Jason did this season. Clingman set school single game records for passing yards and touchdowns while ending up in the top ten for total passing yards in 2014. The scary thing is he can get even better with time and coaching. If the new coach at Northwood can fundamentally improve this kid then Northwood could be looking at a surprise season.


2015 Projections: 1,834 yards passing, 580 yards rushing, 30 Total TDs


4. Zack Robinson, 6'0" 175, Seneca Valley



Seneca Valley last year had some tough moments trying to bring along a very young team. For the second straight season, the proud Screamin' Eagles program missed the playoffs with an 8-2 record. Zack Robinson, the first year starting QB for Seneca, was not immune to experiencing some of the growing pains and learning that was taking place week in and week out. However as the season went on, Zack got stronger and more confident in himself, the scheme, and the players around him. When you watch this young man's film, it is hard to believe that he is just a sophomore. Robinson's improving mechanics and footwork in the pocket are impressive for a kid his age. Zack also has a very quick release, the ball looks smooth leaving his hands. Also showed good accuracy from in the pocket and rolling out. Robinson is a very good athlete and can make plays with his legs. If he can expand his game into a full read passer, he is going to be something to look out.


2015 Projections: 1,150 yards passing, 300 yards rushing, 22 Total TDs


5. Colin Smyth, 6'2" 180, Churchill



Churchill will have a new coach next season and if whoever it is wants to have instant success, it would be smart for them to create an offense that can utilize all of the skills of his dynamic QB. Colin is a true, dual-threat that gave teams fits in the triple option offense that Churchill have been known for through the last 5 years. With Smyth and Andrew Zuckerman, the new coaching staff at Churchill has a lot to work with.


2015 Projections: 950 yards passing, 380 yards rushing, 20 Total TDs


6. Carson Knight, 5'10" 170, Quince Orchard



In the division championship game against the now ttwo-time defending state champion Northwest Jaguars, Carson Knight stepped up. With little time left on the clock, Knight, time after time came up with clutch passes to move Quince Orchard on the doorstep of sending the game into overtime with a touchdown. Unfortunately Carson slips on the last play of the game with no time left ending QO's comeback efforts. As much as that loss must have hurt, that gave QO and Carson a lot to look forward to for 2015. QO is loaded, again and the key for them to make a trip to M&T in December is if they can gain any consistency in their play-action passing game. If Knight plays like he did on that final drive in the division championship game then it is going to be next to impossible to beat QO next year.


2015 Projections: 1,000 yards passing, 17 Total TDs


7. Ryan Dimmick, 5'9" 160, BCC



This is a very talented young man. Nobody is going to be confusing Ryan for Cam Newton when they look at him, but the kid has a lot of tools that make him a very dangerous QB. First, he is a very good athlete and runs the ball well. Dimmick is most dangerous when he is getting to the edges of a defense because he is also accurate throwing on the run. He is tough and loves to compete. If BCC can get some talent around this kid next year, they could be a team to beat. I have Ryan as one of my surprise performers this Fall.


2015 Projections: 1,104 yards passing, 306 rushing yards, 28 Total TDs


8. Jake Silverman, 5'11" 160, Blake



Blake needs to focus on getting a coach who can get these young student-athletes to believe in the dream and want to stay at Blake. Say what you want about Blake and how bad they have been, if they would have kept half of the kids they have lost over the years to Paint Branch, Springbrook, Sherwood and private schools, they would be an Elite 6 team every year. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the kids over there have left and talented kids like Jake Silverman almost never end their careers at Blake. Jake is a kid that the new coach can build around, he has good size and speed with a really good arm. Silverman can throw the ball with good anticipation on underneath routes and has good velocity on his ball. Very underrated runner and can definitely run a spread, zone read system. Sky's the limit for him and his team if they can find a coach who can utilize him in the right way.


2015 Projections: 856 yards passing, 230 yards rushing, 16 Total TDs


9. Petey Gaskins, 5'6" 170, Gaithersburg



GBurg had a down year for a program that is usually in playoff berth and state championship discussions, but they expected last year to be a little tough. In 2013 they had a loaded senior class lead by- now Northwestern running back Solomon Vault- so they knew they had a tall task breaking in new, young talent that never even played in a varsity game before last year. Saying all of that a 4-6 season is never easy to digest, but GBurg went into the offseason with a big confidence boost when they beat 4A East division champion Paint Branch in the final game of the year. Petey was a big part of that win in a strong, second half of the year for the Trojans. After the coaching staff went to Gaskins as the #1 QB, the offense started to take form and fans started to see how this team could be a threat in 2015. This kid is not very big, but he is tough. He has a good arm for his size, and is athletic enough to do some zone read things too. If he can continue to develop as a passer, GBurg could have a great year in '15


2015 Projections: 1,056 yards passing, 240 rushing yards, 20 Total TDs


10. Stefano Rodriguez, 5'11" 177, Einstein



This kid is smooth, he just looks like a QB when he's on the field. When people talk about real arm talent, Rodriguez got it. On his film, you see him complete balls down the field with ease that most quarterbacks can't make. Einstein has been known as a running team for the last few years having multiple backs become among the top rushers in the metro area. While I still think that Coach Owens and the crew will look to run the ball a lot next year, I think it would be a mistake not to use all of the gifts that this young man has.


2015 Projections: 1,061 yards passing, 18 Total TDs


By Kevin Grant | Twitter: @MocoFBPodcast


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