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The Winter Grind: Top 10 Wide Receivers For 2015

by MoCoFootball Staff on 01/23/15

Sherwood WR Marcus Simms. photo credit: Jack Armstrong,

1. Marcus Simms, 6'1" 175, Sherwood


Passion flows from Marcus on every play, sometimes it can flow over too much, but no one can deny how much this kid loves to compete. Simms is a threat to score from any part of the field because of his acceleration at the top of his routes and his running back-like skills in the open field. Marcus has legit track speed that he can convert to quickness on a stop of a dime making him a very good route runner as well. After his 200+ yard performance on week one versus Gaithersburg last year, he almost never saw single coverage again and the few times he did; the opposing team paid. With the continuing growth of Travis Levy at the RB spot, it might be pick-your-poison next year with the Sherwood Warriors.

2015 Projections: 45 Receptions, 1,170 Rec Yards, 200 Rushing Yards, 18 Total TDs

2. Christian Greaves, 5'11" 160, Northwood

Defensive coordinators better get their kids really familiar with the pursuit drill the week they play Northwood because this kid fly! Consistently out runs the angles of defenders that are attempting to catch him, may just be the fastest player with the ball in his hands in MoCo. The 2014 first team All-MoCo selection is a part of a really big-time sophomore class for Northwood that everyone there is excited about. If he and Jason Maxwell Clingman grow from last years breakout season, Northwood's transition to the 4A might be smoother than most think.

2015 Projections: 41 Receptions, 1,105 Rec Yards, 150 Rushing Yards, 16 Total TDs

3. J.D. Guerrero, 6'0" 160, Paint Branch

Looks like Paint Branch got another one. The Panthers are slowly developing the reputation as, "Wide Receiver U" because of the great players that Paint Branch has produced over the last six-seven years. J.D. may not be the speed burner that the first two on the list are, but his route running is superior to almost anyone in the county. Guerrero seems to have a really good grasp on the WR position, demonstrating a great feel for the game ie when to sit down in a hole in a zone or how to run routes with the proper depth and timing. J.D. is only going to be a junior next year so the best has yet to come.

2015 Projections: 57 Receptions, 1,260 Rec Yards, 25 Total TDs

4. Chris Green, 6'1" 168, Blair

One of the first things that you'll notice about Chris is his strong hands. One of the few who can catch the ball at its highest point and maintain control all the way to the ground without it hitting his body. Green has really good speed as well especially when he makes up ground versus a corner who is playing off coverage and when he is in press man situation, he shows the ability to get off the line. I think he is going to be a special player in 2015 with a continuous development of chemistry with Colby.

2015 Projections: 40 Receptions, 1,002 Rec Yards, 15 Total TDs

5. Cortez Ervin, 6'3" 200, Gaithersburg

The first big body, jump ball WR on this list. Cortez has excellent ball skills when he is in the air and does a great job high pointing the ball and coming down with it. Very physical, one of the few WRs who love to block in the running game and likes to use his body to position himself for the ball on shorter routes. Gaithersburg also has a very good, recent history with WRs, especially big physical ones; Cortez Ervin fits into that role perfectly.

2015 Projections: 37 Receptions, 930 Rec Yards, 20 Total TDs

6. Antonio Fox, 6'1" 165, Seneca Valley

Seneca is loaded with talent this Fall; they may just have a top 10 player in each position group that we do. We already know about Adrian Feliz-Platt and Zack Robinson, but if Seneca wants to compete with Damascus, guys like Antonio must step up and become a big time threat on the outside. Antonio is a very dynamic playmaker that gives you a little bit of everything. Antonio turns into a running back when he gets the ball in his hands with great moves and vision thus making him valuable in the return game. Very tough, also doubles as a safety on defense and is not afraid to go over the middle to catch balls in traffic. You can tell this kid loves to compete.

2015 Projections: 34 Receptions, 930 Rec Yards, 12 Total TDs

7. Ricky Washington, 5'11" 165, BCC

I have BCC as a possible sleeper playoff team, they will be a problem for anyone they face in '15. They are a spread team that loves getting their kids into open space and with multiple weapons returning next year, this could be the start of something special in Bethesda. Ricky Washington might be one of the best players that no one has talked about. He is a deep threat with a good stride and strong hands. You can also swing him a bubble screen or a short route and he can get loose on you. He understands how to run his routes in that system and how to get separation. Don't be surprised to see this kid as an All-MoCo selection this year.

2015 Projections: 32 Receptions, 798 Rec Yards, 17 Total TDs

8. Jamal Lodge, 5'11" 160, Einstein

Our first wideout at the slot. Very shifty, does good work up the seams. Very competitive and does well getting in and out of his brakes. Also has scheme versatility, does good work on the outside traditional X and Z positions as well. With Einstein having a top 10 QB and WR, look for them to lean on the air attack a little more.

2015 Projections: 36 Receptions, 652 Rec Yards, 13 Total TDs

9. Devonte Bruff, 6'0" 155, Watkins Mill

Devonte was a go to guy for Watkins Mill last year after one of their best players transferred out before the season started and while breaking in a talented freshman QB. Watkins Mill is often times the forgotten team in that area, but with what they have coming back that might be changing. Bruff can run routes over the middle of the field and also has the speed to beat you deep as well. He is a great target in the red zone, another jump ball threat who has really strong hands. If Bruff and the rest of the Watkins Mill offense can grow off of last year, they could be another surprise team in 2015.

2015 Projections: 38 Receptions, 670 Rec Yards, 10 Total TDs

10. Kingsley Ofori, 6'3" 190, Wootton

You have to love this kid's size, 6'3" 190, you can't teach that. Wotton still had a great passing game last year even though they lost their top two wideouts from a record-setting year in 2013. Ofori gives Wootton a large target to throw to in the red zone and in jump ball situations. Not a speed guy, but he is a long strider and can do good things with the ball in his hands. Wootton looks like they may have another good year on the offensive side of the ball with Kingsley and other key pieces coming back.

2015 Projections: 44 Receptions, 800 Rec Yards, 14 Total TDs

By Kevin Grant | Twitter: @MocoFBPodcast


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