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The Winter Grind: Top 10 Offensive Linemen For 2015

by MoCoFootball Staff on 02/11/15

1. Zeph Titus, 5'10'' 280, Quince Orchard


Zeph is your perfect center: low to the earth with a powerful punch and a strong base. Titus also has a very good ball get-off that allows him to gain control of defenders with his vice-like grip. Also, Titus is very good at getting up to the second level and blocking linebackers. Quince Orchard is known for their power running game and Zeph is a kid that is going to be looked at next season as the anchor of the offense.

2. Delano Myers, 6'1" 250, Damascus

Myers has good feet, very quick, and can do the dance in open space with linebackers. Very good down blocker which is very important in Damascus' scheme. With all-world RB Jake Funk coming back this season and questions at the QB spot for Damascus; it's safe to say that Delano is as important as anyone if they want to get back to M&T Bank.

3. Michael Joseph, 6'5" 320, Quince Orchard

Michael Joseph also goes by Big Mike because well, he's big. Very intimidating at 6'5" and 300+ pounds Michael's potential has no limits. Still very raw and needs to bend his knees a little more, but there is no doubt about his power when he gets a hold of you. Quince Orchard might have the best running attack in the state next year and having two out of the three top offensive linemen in the county this Fall is a very good place to start.

4. Emmanuel Essien, 6'2" 295, Rockville

When you are in a team that passes the ball 85% of the time, you don't get many opportunities to show your physicality as an offensive lineman. But that does not mean you don't take advantage of those opportunities as Essien did for the Rockville Rams. Emmanuel has an ox strong upper body and loves to throw people around. Not the quickest on foot, but can move well enough to get to the second level. If Essien can develop his lower body as much as his upper, watch out.

5. Samuel Loebig, 6'4" 265, BCC

When I started doing these list I was very surprised at the number of BCC kids that started to appear. They quietly have some of the best talent in the county next year and the key to them making the playoffs might be Samuel Loebig. This kid has all of the makings of an elite offensive tackle. Samuel has long arms and great feet; you see him constantly reach block edge defenders on film. Would love to see more aggressiveness from him, but his athleticism makes up for that at times. This kid could be really special. 

6. Cody Peterson, 6'0" 250, Sherwood

Very quick and athletic; Cody was used a lot in pulling situations to help Sherwood runners last year get to the edges. Just like Samuel Loebig- he could get better at drive blocking and coming off the ball, but has a great skill set. If Travis Levy is going to have the dominant season most think he is going to have then Peterson is going to be a big part of Sherwood's team for that to happen.

7.Tyler Kang, 6'2" 280, Blair

Blair had a breakout season last year and a lot of skill position players made names for themselves. If you know and understand how Blair has come to be one of the most improved teams in this area, it is due to their physical dominance up front. Having Tyler Kang in the middle of that line made it easy for Blair to control the ball and grind out wins. He is a strong kid who can keep his opponent on the line of scrimmage. He is smart- he understands when to stay on his blocks and when to chip up.

8. Tariq Manna, 5'8" 230, Northwest

Whatever Tariq lacks in size and power, he makes up for it with athleticism and intelligence. He is not a kid that you will watch blow someone off the ball ten yards down field, but I think he is the best pull blocker in MoCo. If you watch Northwest a lot then you have to be familiar with their stretch plays and sweeps where they consistently get players to the edge and Tariq is always at the front leading the way for the ball carrier. He understands who to pick up and the angles that can spring a runner. Manna will be a huge part in Northwest's quest for another championship run.

9.Michael Hite, 6'2" 250, Seneca Valley

A very good drive blocker, Mike always finishes through the whistle and let's his opponent know that he got the upper hand. Very good feet and could translate in any scheme. Strong hands and a great burst off the line. SV is looking to make a push for M&T next year and this kid has to be a leader. 

10. Sebastian Romero, 6'3" 295, Richard Montgomery

Very big and physical presence, has great feet in pass protection. Needs to use his strength more in the run-blocking game. RM had a great rushing attack and Romero was a big part of that. Look for him to be a force in 2015.

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