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Week 3 Elite-8 Rankings

by MoCoFootball Staff on 09/20/11


#1 QUINCE ORCHARD (3-0), 4W80 points. 10 1st place votes
--> Handled their business with ease against Blair. Their defense will need to play well to slow down the talentedPaint Branch offense in what is the biggest game of the year so far. -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> NO surprise at the top stop as QO rolls past Blair. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> Running clock in second quarter. How can the biggest school in the state (Blair) suck at every damn sport? -Fred "BigFred"
--> Still the team to beat after a 42-6 thumping against BlairBilly Plante is beginning to show the athleticism and versatility at QB that Mencarini has hoped for, which allows for a more balanced offense to accompany Mark Green's rushing game. -Matt Papuchis (Patch Sports)
--> Only team that deserves the title Elite after Week 2. Trip to Paint Branch obviously huge. -Eric "Cover2"

#2 PAINT BRANCH (2-1), 4E68 points.
--> QB David Smith only completed one pass but RB Bene't Willis ran for 195 yards and 3 TD's against a goodMagruder defense. Smith must be better this week if PB wants to make a statement against Quince Orchard. -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> The Panthers have outscore opponents 58-6 thus far. They get their first real test against #1 QO in Week 3. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> We'll see if they are for real this week. They better be able to throw it this week because you can't be one dimensional vs. QO. They will put 8 men in the box and dare you to sling it. -Fred "BigFred"
--> Nesmith has his team looking sharp. Should be fun when he is reunited with Mencarini and QO this Saturday. -Matt Papuchis (Patch Sports)
--> A win over QO will make me a true believer. Anything less and the hype is just that, hype. -Eric "Cover2"

#3 SENECA VALLEY (3-0), 3A51 points.
--> RB James Jones-Williams had a quiet 120 rushing yards as the Screamin Eagles pulled out a sluggish win on a sloppy field to retain the Kings Trophy! -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> Seneca got the job done in a hostile black hole environment. The Screamin' Eagles should carry it over Friday aginst Northwood. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> Close win but was playing a Northwest team that will be a contender next year. -Fred "BigFred"
--> Despite the fact that NW is 0-2, Fred Kim believes they will prove to be one of the better teams in MOCO this year. For this reason, you can't fault the Screamin' Eagles for the one-score victory in the annual Battle forGermantown. -Matt Papuchis (Patch Sports)
--> Better put all of that talent on display and blow Northwood out. -Eric "Cover2"

#4 CHURCHILL (3-0), 4S50 points.
--> Impressive come from behind victory at Whitman. These Bulldogs are big, fast and disciplined. The defense will be tough to score on all season long. -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> A win over rival Whitman raise the profile of the 2011 Bulldogs. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> Everyone on the team is going D1 so they must be doing something right. -Fred "BigFred"
--> News flash: Look out for the Bulldogs this season. They've outscored their opponents 61-7 through two games. -Matt Papuchis (Patch Sports)
--> At least they beat a quality opponent in Whitman.  The Allen vs Noland feud renews this week. Could be a trap game if Churchill is looking ahead to SV. -Eric "Cover2"

#5 DAMASCUS (3-0), 3A41 points.
--> Winning ugly is still winning and 2-0 is still undefeated. But, can the Swarmin Hornets score enough points to keep up with the high powered offense of Wootton and keep their undefeated record intact? -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> The Hornets keep people guessing with yet another close victory, this time against WM. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> Close game again. Used to seeing them dominate but they still haven't lost a regular season game since 2009. -Fred "BigFred"
--> Another squeaker, but Watkins Mill is much improved this season and this early-season win for the Hornetscould look much better as the season progresses. I like the 'Rines to be a 6 or 7 win team this season. -Matt Papuchis (Patch Sports)
--> Ugly wins are better than pretty losses so they stay Top 5 but Wootton could give them fits in struggle to stay undefeated. -Eric "Cover2"

#6 GAITHERSBURG (3-0), 4W35 points.
--> 9-0 win against Springbrook isn't very impressive for the offensive lovers. But, defensive guys like myself love seeing that goose egg! This weeks matchup at Sherwood will tell us more about this years Trojan team. -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> GBurg get narrow win against Springbrook, but a shutout is a shout and a win is a win. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> Loving life on South 355.  Do they go to McDonalds after the game? -Fred "BigFred"
--> The Trojans seem to be poised to make themselves a real contender again this year. The shutout this week on top of the Week 1 win over RM is a good sign. -Matt Papuchis (Patch Sports)
--> Offense needs to get untracked. Defense should be good enough to handle Sherwood. -Eric "Cover2"

#7 WALT WHITMAN (2-1), 4S16 points.
--> Tough loss against a tough Churchill team. Whitman will have to develop a passing game or else they'll continue to fall to teams as talented as they are. -Matt Miller "millerlite8389"
--> A loss to Churchill hurts, but I'm not ready to drop the Vikes off the list. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> Style points keep them in Elite 8. Kennedy should be just what they need to break out the scoring. -Eric "Cover2"

#8 CLARKSBURG (2-1), 4W9 points.
--> I'm not totally sure what to make of Clarksburg this year. They have a stunning comeback against Damascus, then barely get by Walter Johnson. I think their match up vs. RM is one to watch in Week 3. -Matt Dewhurst (CSN Washington)
--> WJ and Northwest may be the best 0-2 teams in the county. -Fred "BigFred"
--> Clarksburg fans can get all excited about playing RM this week while Sherwood faithful can worry about what 1-2 feels like. -Eric "Cover2"


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